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2O3 - Angwin/Parrett, California

Information verified accurate as of: May 5, 2002

The Airport

Angwin's Virgil O. Parrett Field is located in the hills east of Napa Valley, 18nm ENE of Santa Rosa. It is owned and operated by the Pacific Union College, a 7th Day Adventist college. In fact this college is basically the only thing in the immediate area.

Because of surrounding trees and the general layout of the airport, a significant fraction of the "runway" is actually a taxiway and parking ramp. You can see the circular yellow taxi line approaching the runway threshold above. Immediately before takeoff you should do a full circle in this area to verify that no one is on final. You can also see that the 3200 foot runway has a pronouced slope at the far end.
The terminal building contains a full-service FBO including fuel service, ground transportation, bathrooms, and a shower. It is also home to the Pacific Union College Flight Center which conducts extensive flight training. Because of the availability of ground transportation (by prior arrangement), Angwin is a great place to start a tour of the Napa Valley area.

The airport is surrounded by forest and shady roads. In fact there is a small park right next to the airport with a series of trails that will lead you to the top of the tallest hill in the area. You can ask inside the FBO for directions and a map. The paths are also good for mountain biking. A short walk down the road will bring you to the town of Angwin itself.

Close to the Airport

The town of Angwin is dominated by the college. In fact it's hard to find much else in the town. The scenery is dominated by school buildings, open fields, and students studying in an idyllic setting. There is a gas station, and a small grocery store, but there doesn't appear to be a single restaurant. The dining commons at the college is open to the public, though, and is a short walk from the airport. Ask for directions at the FBO. Vegetarian food only.

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