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Aviation Links

Advanced Technical Information
Ray Preston's Aerodynamics Text Ed Williams' Technical Articles  
See How It Flies    
What causes lift?
NASA's Introduction to the Aerodynamics of Flight Garmin 530 Gotchas  
Gliders and Polar Curves    
General Information
Bird Strikes
Survival Supplies and Equipment
AOPA Air Safety Foundation Bird Strikes Aircraft Survival Kits from SW Aviator
How Safe is Flight Instruction? U.S. Bird Avoidance Model Wilderness Survival Course Summary
Travis Midair Collision Avoidance   Aviation Survival from Equipped to Survive
Does an IFR Rating Make You Safer?
High Altitude Physiology
Adventure Medical Kits
NASA Icing Courses High-Altitude Chamber  
  Oxygen for General Aviation  
Porpoise on Landing    
Cameron Park Crash    
FAA Documents
FAA Regulatory Support Division (AC, PTS, etc.) FAA Safety Air Traffic Publications
FSIMS Active Pubs (FAAST, MMEL, FAA Orders) Conducting an Effective Flight Review FAA-Industry Training Standards
Fun Things
Live ATC Feeds
Humor, Pictures, and Videos
Flying Vacations
Live ATC Why to strap things down FlyInn New Zealand
Atlanta Approach with Video The Flying Business Man (old movie) Air Journey Tours
SFO Flight Tracking Aviation Videos  
SJC Flight Tracking Aviation Oops! Photos
  Aviation Videos and Photos Four Course Range
A Day in the Life of U.S. Air Traffic Little Known and Abandoned Airfields
Amazing 737 simulator   Bay Area Landmarks
Flying Colors Stained Glass
Trip Reports
Ponceby Flight Around the World - 1998  
  Wings Around the World II  
Other Resources
Resources for CFIs
Bay Area Information
Mountain Flying
FIRC Resource Site Sensitive Wildlife Areas and Penalties (6 MB) Amy Hoover's Mountain and Canyon Flying Tips
Jedi Nein's CFI Page   Sparky Imeson's Mountain Flying
Aviation Organizations

Flight Training article on Mountain Flying

Advanced Traing
AngelFlight West  
Chesapeake Aviation Training - weather    
Hot Air Ballons in Manteca    
Hot Air Ballons in the Rockies