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Information for Rob's Current Students

Local Airports

Palo Alto
San Carlos
Palo Alto Airport Association San Carlos Pilots Association
(noise abatement, tower web cam)
Santa Clara County Airports Department
(noise abatement procedures)

Santa Clara County Airports Department
(noise abatement procedures)

San Mateo County DPW
(noise abatement procedures)
A/FD Information from AirNav
Rich Acuff's Info on PAO
(traffic pattern, noise abatement,
general info)
A/FD Information from AirNav  
A/FD Information from AirNav    
Half Moon Bay
San Mateo County DPW
(noise abatement procedures)
Hayward City Pilot Info
(noise abatement procedures)
Livermore Airport
(noise abatement procedures)

A/FD Information from AirNav

A/FD Information from AirNav A/FD Information from AirNav
Aviation Supplies
Sporty's Pilot Shop Ace's Pilot Shop
King Schools AeroMedix MicroLight II
AvShop Jeppesen Cool Flashlights
MyPilotStore   S-Lite
NACO Charts Everything Explained  
Aviation Organizations and Information
AOPA AOPA Flight Training AvWeb
iPilot Landings AirNav
Other Training Aids
Training Logs
Pilot Tutor (VFR and IFR) FAA VFR Chart User's Guide Hamish Reid - Private and IFR Diaries
NASA ALLSTAR Site Whitt's Flying Service VFR Pages PIC - Accelerated IFR
Airspace Overview   Joe Campbell's IFR Diary
Airmen Knowledge Test Question Pools
Purdue Multimedia Library (MX pictures) Whitt's Flying Service IFR Pages
Pilot Examiners
Calculators and Navigation Simulators IFR Oral Questions and Answers Tom Hornak
E6B Calculator Holding pattern visualizer  
DA Calculator w/Humidity  
UCAR Meteorology Education and Training
MELs and Inop Equipment (AOPA)
Don Brown's ATC articles The Bad Meteorology FAQ Tying the WVFC Knot
Free On-line Knowledge Tests Decoding METARs  
AvWeb Quizzes FAA Guide to Weather Decision Making  

Rob's Handouts (Account Required)

Private Pilot License
Aircraft Checklists
Commercial License
Private Pilot Cert Introduction (1/18/09) Cessna 152 (11/27/09) Commercial Rating Requirements (1/25/05)
Private Pilot Requirements (1/25/05) Cessna 172 (6/13/09) Practical Test Standards Chart (1/25/05)
Practical Test Standards Chart (1/25/05) Cessna 172SP (11/27/09)  
Private Syllabus (v. 3.0 11/20/05) Cessna 172SP w/G1000 (11/27/09)
CFI License
Student Purchase Checklist (12/5/05) DiamondStar DA-40 w/G1000 (5/31/09) CFI Rating Requirements (9/15/07)
Airworthiness Checklist (VFR) (2/13/05) Piper PA28-161 Warrior (5/31/09)  
ATIS Copy Sheet Piper PA28-181 Archer III (5/31/09)
Miscellaneous Information
Pre-Solo Written Exam (non-WVFC, 1/25/05)   Excel logbook template (3/29/06)
Pre-Solo Written Exam (WVFC Supplement, 5/7/05)

Instrument Rating

Flight Plans and Survival Supplies (1/25/05)
Cross-Country Flying Checklist (5/18/05) Instrument Rating Requirements (1/25/05) Mountain Flying Overview (1/25/05)
Private Checkride Checklist (9/15/07) Instrument Syllabus (v. 2.0 11/20/07) Security TFRs (7/5/09)
  Student Purchase Checklist (1/25/05) Bay Area Stadium TFRs (4/1/06)
Private Pilot Ground Notes
Airworthiness Checklist (IFR) (9/15/07)  
The Air (2/1/03)  
Advanced Aircraft Transitions
Aerodynamics (3/11/03)   Archer III (1/25/05)
Weight and Balance (1/30/03)   Garmin G1000 (9/27/07)
Engines (2/5/03)   Saratoga II TC (11/5/06)
Gyros, Vacuum, Electrical (2/5/03)    
Airspace (3/4/05)    
Airports (3/4/03)    
Communication (3/4/03)    
Navigation (2/1/03)    
Weather (2/9/03)    
FARs (4/1/03)